About Us


Farland Personnel Management Corporation is a recruitment company committed to providing a reliable portal for highly qualified Filipinos to the overseas job market and likewise, for foreign employers to the reliable and friendly Filipino workforce.

Our highly trained and motivated staff takes pride in their ability to build long term relationships with foreign affiliates and local talent.   It is through this deep understanding of foreign labor needs and available Filipino skills that our organization is able to unite local talent with international growth opportunities.   The service we offer is comprehensive – we assist not just in the recruitment process but also through the duration of employment and the safe return of our workers.


We provide complete recruitment, documentation and processing services; from extensive sourcing of candidates to pre-screening, technical trade testing, electronic transmittal of resumes for client review, client selection management, handling and monitoring of pre-employment medical examinations, collation of documentary requirements, POEA exit clearance processing, visa collection, pre-departure orientation seminar and post-deployment monitoring. 

We also offer recruitment services for Executive, Senior Management and Mid-Management Level, Technical and Professional Level, Manpower Level (Skilled and Semi-Skilled).   We employ specialized candidate profiling services for executive level of recruitment.


Farland Personnel Management Corporation envisions itself to be the leader in the overseas recruitment of Filipinos.   Recognized to be proactive and knowledgeable, we strive to be the company of choice for foreign employers and Filipino jobseekers.   We endeavor to exceed the expectations of companies and individuals we come into contact with through honesty, integrity, quality placements and excellent service.

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